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Hello I am hq-2,

I have a youtube channel, with 700 subscribers.

After 4 years just making drawings.... today I started to use my voice while playing a game.

Tell me if you can understand my English, and if you have any feedback on what I should do in my videos I would be very happy!

Thank you :hug:
Thank you all for beeing so kind to me! :hug:

Thank you to KanashiiBara for making this group's icon! Now everyone... if you want a freaking awesome icon made by this deviant read his journal here ->…

I would also like feature ChasMandala because he dedicated an "honorarium" to me ->… Thank you ChasMandala :hug:

About the 20 points giveaway I will use to find the 2 winners. ->…

Thank you for keeping joining as voice actors! ->… I am needing English, Português, Brazileiro e español.

If you continue to being so nice I have no other choice and make more "thank you journals"

Hello I want to make a journal to find and organize voice acting in some diferent languagues.

I like to make comic or manga stories, and if I have people to give voice to my stories I will be very happy. (Eu gosto de desenhar, e gostaria muito que emprestacem as vossas vozes aos meus personagens)!

I will payed in dA points! (Eu vou pagar em dA pontos)

I am looking for diferent types of voice!(Eu aceito diferentes tipos de vozes)

Both genders,
Any type of tone,
Langue: English and / Español / Brasileiro / e Português

Record a youtube video with your voice, so I can choose all actors in the correct moment.
Grava um video de youtube com a tua voz, para eu poder ir escolhendo os atores certos nos momentos certos.

20:points:! Per acting: or 4:points: per phrase.
5:points: right now if you send me a demonstration of your voice from soundcloud.


1  fredmai Male Brazileiro

2  roryrocker Male English

3  Lu-Silveira Female Brazileira…

4  Mevvl Gender English

5  GarushiaMaberi Female Salvadorian spanish/Español

5  :dev: Gender Language

5  :dev: Gender Language

5  :dev: Gender Language

Hello everyone!

We have 30 Points to give!! (Previous giveaway:… )

In the last giveaway you were supposed to be 1 of the 1st 30 people to leave in a comment a link to your favorite art.

The goal for this giveaway is: 2 random selected comments will receive 10:points:

2 time only 10 :points: will be giveaway to just 1 of all comments.



You will also receive a watch, a fav, and a llama (You can also give a llamma to the previous contest winners, and they may give you a llama back).

(Would you like to have 1 of your art featured in the next giveway? That means you will need to find and fav 1 art of the artist who faved your art. (Hope you understand ^^).

All the winners from previous giveaway:

Deadline: 18/08/2014
Hey! :icondahub: is giving :points: to people who watch, give llamas, and fav other people's work.

You can also be featured in her/his profile if you donate some :points:

So visit dAhub now! :D

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